Book Practical Shooting by Brian Enos

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"As one of the first 22 Grand Masters that USPSA awarded the title to, one of the keys to my success was 'Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals' by Brian Enos. Brian understands that you need to listen to what the gun is telling you through your eyes and explains it in full detail. Brian's book is a true masterpiece which should be read by every person who is serious about Practical Pistol Competition." -Dave Dawson

Brian Enos's Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals - often considered the competitive shooters bible - includes in-depth coverage of the technical and mental aspects of training and competition, and will offer new insights as you continue to improve.

Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals (202 pages, nine chapters):
•Awareness & Focus
•Tools of Shooting
•Creative Shooting
•Specific Challenges
•Shooting Tools
•Revolver Shooting
•Group Shooting

From the Back Cover:
This isn't just another "how to fire a gun" book. This one talks about shooting....

The keys to consistent, high-speed shooting are within you right now. This book will show you ways to bring them out. Through Brian's advice, you'll learn how to recognize and break down the barriers that are limiting your performance—you may begin to look at shooting in an entirely different way. You'll learn to pressure-proof your match performance, how different types of shooting require different focal points, and you'll see how to develop an attitude that will let you reach beyond what you thought was your potential.

You'll find a comprehensive set of exercises that will develop and sharpen your skills. You'll see how it's possible to drive the gun to wherever your eye can look. You'll discover that everything you need to know about your technique is told by the gun, if you know how to listen to it. And all the challenges and advanced techniques of practical shooting are covered too: prone, barricade, single-hand shooting, multiple targets, reloading, shooting on the move, and much more. You'll also get inside tips on IPSC strategies, steel shooting, shootoff tactics, Bianchi, and more. This book will give you all the fundamentals of practical pistol shooting, but then it will show you ways you can take yourself far, far beyond them...Ya follow?