Comp-Tac "International" Variable OWB Holster

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Versatility and Adaptability in one holster!


The Comp-Tac “International” variable OWB holster is 3 different Outside-the-Waist-Band holster styles in one. The International is an all Kydex design that comes with hardware for belt mounting, with or without a drop-offset, and a paddle for easy on and off. Designed to be worn at 3:00, the International has adjustable cant to fit your draw-style and aid in concealment.

  • Compatible with 1.5”-2” belts. Perfect for competition, conceal carry, or general use.
  • Comp-Tac holsters are all externally molded with the model of firearm the holster is made for, so no more trying guns in multiple holsters.
  • All Comp-Tac holsters have .5” tall sight channels to accommodate even our tallest sights for optic co-witness or suppressor use, and a gap in the muzzle end of the holster can accommodate most thread protectors on threaded barrels.
  • Holster is cut for most slide mounted optics and works perfectly with our Dawson/Leupold Total Package Sight System.
  • IDPA and USPSA legal based on chosen configuration, see our Competition rules page for clarification.