Dawson Precision Glock * Fixed Charger Sight Set - Black Rear & Fiber Optic Front

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Black Rear/Optic Front
Charger Fixed Set
Regular Size



•Dawson Charger Black Fixed Rear Sight .225 Tall x .125 Notch Width
•Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight .205 Tall x .105 Wide
•Easy to Install - Sight Punches, Allen Wrench and Instructions Included!
•Perfect Impact Policy Applies *See Details*
•CNC Machined From Bar Stock to Exact Specifications

Don't Forget The Loctite 262 Threadlocker   Works on front and rear Glock sights








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  1. Beet FO sights

    Posted by Fred on Nov 8th 2018

    I run Dawson FO on all my competition guns. Easy to install & always quick service.

  2. Best sights ever for a Glock 17

    Posted by JimSig on Jul 4th 2018

    Easy to install, comes with all the tools needed. I just love the sight picture. I have this setup on several handguns, CZ75, Glock 17 and Glock 22. saving to purchase a new set for my Glock 26 soon.

  3. Awesome sights!

    Posted by Rory on Jun 18th 2018

    Great set of sights. Installed them on my Gen 4 Glock 34, which was quite easy. Everything you need to install is included, minus the loctite. Lucked out and the rear sight was dead nuts on the first try. POI was dead on POA at 25 yards. Best sights for the money! Shipping was very prompt. I will buy again.

  4. Great

    Posted by AUSTIN on Apr 9th 2018

    They are OK inside, but outside they really shine! These are the best sights I've ever had! Would recommend

  5. Great set of sights!

    Posted by Frank on Apr 1st 2018

    I have a few handguns fitted the Dawson sight sets, butt none with Charger sights until now. I think I have found a new favorite sight set. What a great sight picture and the ability to charge off my belt Is a great feature for my training class gun.

  6. Daily Carry

    Posted by Ian on Mar 12th 2018

    These sights are perfect for daily carry. The rear sight allows you to rack the slide with only one hand against your pocket, belt or shoe. The front sight is easily seen and acquired. Plus, you can't beat the price.

  7. Put sights on G19

    Posted by Jason on Feb 12th 2018

    I installed these on my G19. All but one ammo I've shot, hits to the sights at 10yrd. One of my reloaded ammos hits a little low. Not a big deal due to the fact it is not what I shoot much out of this gun. These are my second set of DP sights and I like them more and more. The thinner front site help for the longer shots at 25yrds.

  8. Best Glock Sight I've Tried

    Posted by Patrick on Nov 19th 2017

    Unless you absolutely need a tritium option I love these sights. The extra 0.005" on the front sight is a plus in my opinion and the rear still allows manipulation off of a belt or similar. Of all the Dawson sights I've bought I also find this to almost unanimously install with no fitting required.

  9. My favorite Carry Sights

    Posted by Arthur Reuter on Nov 7th 2017

    Solid & well built! It's so easy to rack the slide on the rear sight.