Dawson Precision Glock Standard Black Front Sights

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Glock 42/43


At Dawson Precision we know the many factors involved in perfect bullet impact, that's why we make so many different heights and widths sights for your pistol. It's a big undertaking to manufacture and stock so many different front sights but the owner of Dawson Precision is a shooter and believes a pistol that is not zeroed properly is useless. You spend a lot of money on your shooting gear and ammo to improve your shooting skills, so it makes sense to have your sights set to impact perfectly.


  • Wide Base Provides Added Mounting Strength
  • No Glare Serrated Front of Sight
  • Tools and Instructions Included
  • Many Heights to Zero Your Glock Perfectly
  • Many Widths to Tune Your Sight Picture to Your Eyesight








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  1. Front Sight

    Posted by Ben on Jan 26th 2019

    Great customer service that stands behind their products

  2. great product and service

    Posted by Fred W on Jan 22nd 2019

    this sight is as solid as described and was delivered very quickly. I'm very happy and satisfied.

  3. Dawson Precision Glock Black Front Sights

    Posted by Bob Lunger on Jan 22nd 2019

    Ordered .625 tall sight to co witness red dot mounted on EGW dove tail mount . (another customer had written a review and had the same setup) Perfect height. Sight is steel, very solid, tool to remove old sight and install new is great. Fast shipping. Very satisfied.

  4. .460 tall front sight

    Posted by Dalton on Jan 11th 2019

    I have a mos g19 gen slide with leupold delta point pro. .460 tall makes great cowitness with the red dot. Flawless quality and great response from customer service with help on what sight would work best. Extremely happy with the purchase. Only downfall is not dawsons fault. It is not many holster companies accommodate that tall sight so have to get custom order. No problem either way well worth it and money well spent.

  5. Front suppressor sight .505

    Posted by Robert Davis on Dec 16th 2018

    Quality part height is perfect for my cowitness of red dot

  6. .485 front sight is the one that I use for the Delta Point Pro

    Posted by Dan Baldwin on Dec 10th 2018

    Dawson makes great products and get's them to you in a hurry. You can't miss with Dawson..... pun intended

  7. Comes with tool!

    Posted by Kevin on Aug 7th 2018

    I ordered the .485 to mount on my 19 MOS with DP Pro and DP rear sight. Works perfectly! Also comes with the front sight tool... which I didn’t know, so I ended up buying that too.


    Posted by Gene on Jul 23rd 2018

    I was looking for a front sight to use with the Leupold Delta Pro iron sights, and searched several forum. Dawson Precision was mentioned several times as the go to place. Before ordering I called Dawson Precision and someone actually answered the phone (no computer recorded message). I explained what I had and what I wanted. I was told what height front sight to order as recommended by Leupold.

    I ordered 2 front sight for both of my MOS Glocks. They were easy to install and both came with the tool to do it. I highly recommend Dawson Precision.

  9. Excellent quality

    Posted by Jerry on Jul 17th 2018

    Fortunately for me, Dawson not only makes excellent sights, but they have a very wide range of heights so you can get your irons perfectly sighted in. I ended up buying three because I was guessing at what I needed. Very fast delivery, and for my Glock, they even included a front sight installation tool!