STI Competition Ready Pistols

 Dawson Precision is STI's All Time #1 Dealer!
No one has sold more STI Guns than Dave Dawson...period.
Combine that with unequaled product knowledge and it gets pretty simple. 

 Dave Dawson started competing over 25 years ago and was among the first 22 shooters to be awarded the Grand  Master Classification. In those days, getting quality competition pistols was almost impossible. Talk about a huge constraint on shooters wanting to compete with state-of-the-art equipment. That was not acceptable to Dave.

 Almost 25 years of his life has been dedicated to bringing the best tools to the action pistol shooter. There's a lot of history there. The Dawson Competition Ready Pistol or should we say the Ready Now Competition Pistol is the next step in that evolution. We don't make the pistol, we just make it better.

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