Grip Tape, Blanks, Set of 2 or 3, by Dawson Precision

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Grip Tape
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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  • Set of Three Grip Tape Blank Panels
  • U-Cut-To-Fit Whatever Shape You Need
  • Ultra-Aggressive

Allows for a tight grip on whatever you stick it on! Regardless of conditions, sweat, mud, water, snow, slime and even gun lube are no match for this grip tape. 






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    Posted by Ed P on Jan 9th 2019

    Nice tape seems to work as good or better than skateboard tape plus cool colors to choose

  2. Amazing Grip Material

    Posted by Mike on Nov 16th 2018

    Precision Grip Tape Blanks are another well thought out and designed product from Dawson. I don't know what this material is but it is amazing. Molds well to the curves, very grippy but extremely comfortable to the hand. This is just thick enough to be tough and lasting but I hardly know it's there except for the huge (I mean huge) improvement in my grip. I use a box knife (a couple of fresh blades required) and make a pattern from construction paper and trace it out, use a french curve and drafting angle to guide the cut, couple of passes, done!

  3. Typical Dawson

    Posted by Jeff on Apr 16th 2018

    I put this tape on my CZ 75B.... its very grippy, but won't rub your skin off. Very helpful in reducing slippage of the gun while firing, maintaining a more stable grip.

    Make sure to use degreaser or similar to clean the surface you are putting it on. Seems to stay on quite good, so far. It was pretty easy to cut and place on the gun.

    Next, I am thinking to put some on the front strap of a 1911 I have.... Very good product. Typical for Dawson. I have had very good success with Dawson products, as have most people I have seen comment about Dawson on forums.

  4. good stuff

    Posted by Wayne on Apr 27th 2017

    I have the most aggressive aluminum grips on my SP-01 that CZ makes. Still I like more of an aggressive grip. I make a paper template to fit, transfer it to the grip tape, cut it out, clean the grip area with denatured alcohol and apply the grip tape. Together with the rough CZ grips and Dawson tape, it is just what I need to control recoil; plus the tape lasts a long time before it needs replacing.

  5. Amazing

    Posted by Wayne Van De Graaff on Apr 4th 2016

    Made my 45 feel like it was a 9 millimeter. Love this stuff, highly recommended. Best tape out there

  6. As advertised

    Posted by trey wood on Feb 23rd 2016

    Cuts and installs easily.