Dawson Super Tuned Pistols

Dawson Precision is STI's All-Time #1 Dealer! 
No one has sold more STI Guns than Dave Dawson...period.
Combine that with unequaled product knowledge and it gets pretty simple.
Dave Dawson Super Tuned STI Pistols are Legendary. 
Now offering DVC L 9mm for a Limited Time!
For years Dave Dawson has set the standard for quality in 1911/2011 race guns.
If you could buy a Shelby Mustang for $100 bucks more would you?  
These pistols are the best of the best and race ready.
Don't miss out on a chance to own the REAL DEAL! The price listed is the price you pay, shipping is free!

  • Trigger Job
  • Tune Extractor
  • Tune Ejection
  • Tune Feed Ramp
  • Tune Breech Face
  • Dawson Ice® Magwell
  • Dawson Guide Rod
  • Dawson Sear Spring
  • Dawson Mag Release
  • Dawson Lo-Pro Button
  • Dawson Base Pads