Magwells 1911 by Smith & Alexander

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1911/2011/HiCap All Makes
1911 Single Stack
Perfect Impact Guarantee


The Original "S&A Mag Guide"® is the only one piece patented mag guide on the market place (Patent #4,570,370).

It is one of the most practical and usually the first custom part one installs on their 1911 pistol. It can be installed with ease in minutes with no frame modifications. The "S&A Mag Guide"® increases the magazine opening over 100%. Once installed on the frame it fits solid. No welding required. Adds 1/4" to grip for extra leverage and recoil control. 20 LPI checkering for the maximum grip retention.

Government model will fit all full size 1911 frames including Commander, Delta Elite, Double Eagle, Auto Ordanance, Kimber & Springfield.


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  1. Awesome

    Posted by Tim M on May 16th 2021

    Picked this up for my sig 1911 match elite 9 to get the extra quarter inch length on the grip. Quality of this is tremendous and it fit like a factory part with no modifications needed. I was impressed. Cannot recommend enough.

  2. Great Ad-On

    Posted by Scrambler82 on Feb 1st 2021

    I purchased this Mag Well as my first mod to my new Springfield 1911-9mm Loaded and I can't say enough good things.
    The fitment is perfect, it adds a good feel to gripping the Handle... more solid, and it looks good.
    I didn't expect so many people asking me about the S&A Maxwell, seems more people want to know about them than have them.

  3. Same great magwell they've produced for years

    Posted by Ron Anderson on Jan 25th 2019

    Fice minute fix too most 1911's

  4. Excellent fit and fitting needed on my Dan and Wesson pm-9....

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 23rd 2019

    Excellent product and excellent service from Dawson Percision.....

  5. Great fit and function

    Posted by fast eddie on Jan 17th 2019

    Another great magwell from S&A. These fit my Kimbers with zero fitting and work great once installed.

  6. Magwell

    Posted by Mark anderdon on Jan 9th 2019

    Not really happy with the fit at the bottom of gun. Has a space at the bottom that you can see

  7. Perfect....5 min install!

    Posted by Ron Anderson on Dec 20th 2018

    Best and simplest update

  8. Drop In Fit

    Posted by Daryn Cherry on Nov 26th 2018

    Great product that is truly drop in fit. Price on this was excellent compared to other competitors. I installed this on a S&W 1911 e-series. There is a slight gap between frame and magwell, maybe thickness of a credit card. If it sat completely flush I would give 5 stars. Easy to install, no filing required. Works great and reloading on a 1911 is much more forgiving now!

  9. A Breed Apart

    Posted by Dean on Oct 11th 2018

    I've installed over a dozen S&A magwells on various Colt, Kimber, RIA and S&W 1911s. I've even removed other mfgrs magwells to install this one. All dropped in with no issues, one RIA had a finicky sear spring that needed adjustment to make the grip safety engage right. Simple and easy. To me, besides the significant quality, what sets these apart from all the others is that the heel angle (transition from back strap to bottom or magwell) is 90* where most other mfgrs are 45* chamfer. I find this 90* angle gives a slightly longer back strap area, sits better in my grip hand, and avoids the digging into the meat of my palm that the 45* angles do. S&A design also stops the stippling a few thousandths before that transition angle (other don't) which keeps the stippling at that angle transition from cutting into my palm as well. I shoot 200+ rounds per session/match and this detail is as huge to me as the ease of mag changes magwells provide. I also prefer the one piece design over the "bolt on" or "clip on" versions many other mfgrs make.