STI 140mm 9mm/38 Super 20 Round Mag Body

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Magazine Body
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  1. New style

    Posted by Brian on Oct 30th 2017

    I thought I was getting an old style mag tube since the picture on the web site was the old tube. When it arrived it was the new style. I don’t have the 38 Super flower/spring, so I tried the 9mm Grams guts from the old style mag tube I was replacing and it worked fine. The only problem I can find is the spacer covers the witness holes in back.

  2. 2 bodies & one had to go back

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2016

    Since 9mm STI mags are in short supply this season, I ordered two mag bodies from Dawson. One body was fine, but the other had a crack on the back side in the feed lip area. Contacted Dawson & they provided an RMA#. I paid shipping back to Dawson & they are shipping me a new STI 9mm body.