About Us

Founder and CEO, Dave Dawson started competing with the USPSA® over 25 years ago and was among the first 22 shooters to be awarded the Grand Master classification. In those days getting quality competition pistols with the latest technology was almost impossible. It was a huge constraint for shooters wanting to compete with state-of-the-art equipment, and it limited the growth of the sport. Shooters that wanted cutting edge guns had to pony up and wait...sometimes years. More times than not, the pistol was obsolete before it was even finished. This was not acceptable to Dave. He began building his own parts and guns, and winning matches on a regular basis. He gained recognition among his fellow competitors and soon he was making parts for them as well. If there is a legacy out there for Dave Dawson, he would hope it would be that he has made the best competition pistols available to shooters.

Dave Dawson has been in a committed relationship with STI for almost 25 years. They are coming up on their Silver Anniversary. It started with a joint project with then CEO, Virgil Tripp, before Dave went to work at STI setting up, developing and leading pistol manufacturing. He eventually assumed product development and marketing roles as well. Dave and his team at STI were the first to deliver an order for a state-of the-art competition pistol to the shooter before the technology became obsolete. When Dave left STI to start Dawson Precision, he became a distributor and soon STI's #1 distributor. Dawson Precision has sold more STI products than anyone on the planet. The reason, unmatched product knowledge and great customer service. 

Today, Dawson Precision sits on a 60 acre ranch in Florence, Texas. We take pride in our facility, as we feel it is the best equipped for the purpose of providing quality, state-of-the-art competition pistols and parts to shooters. Additionally, our facility allows us to test all of our products. Our test fire ranges allow us to test before you buy. That means fewer returns and more happy customers, talk about a win-win. Our ability to go from concept to market with state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, inventory control, and marketing lets us respond to our customers and the market faster. We never stop learning, but more importantly we never stop listening to our customers.

Throughout Dawson Precision's history, there are three things that have never and will never change.

Number 1: Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Number 2: Value = Quality + Price. Quality is always first.
Number 3: Never stop improving quality, service, value, or innovating technology.

Those are the three rules that Dawson Precision® lives by and it seems to be working. Thank you for choosing Dawson Precision, Inc.