Dawson Precision is Staccato 2011's All Time #1 Dealer!

All pistol transfers are by appointment only.
No one has sold more STI/Staccato 2011 Guns than Dave Dawson...period.
Combine that with unequaled product knowledge and it gets pretty simple. 

Dave Dawson has been in a committed relationship with STI for over 25 years. It started with a joint project with then CEO, Virgil Tripp. Dave went to work at STI setting up, developing and leading pistol manufacturing. He eventually assumed product development and marketing roles as well. Dave and his team at STI were the first to deliver an order for a state-of the-art competition pistol to the shooter before the technology became obsolete. When Dave left STI to start Dawson Precision, he became a distributor and soon STI's #1 distributor and remains that today for the 2020 rebranded Staccato 2011. Dawson Precision has sold more STI/Staccato 2011 products than anyone on the planet. The reason, unmatched product knowledge and great customer service.

 Firearms displayed on this website are for information only. To order, call our friendly sales team at 866-300-1911. Firearms purchased from Dawson Precision must be shipped to a licensed firearms dealer in your state of residence.