Arredondo Comp Cleaner

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Hey, Open Shooters: This one's for you. Did you know that a lot of technology goes into designing compensators? In order for a compensator to work at its most efficient, the chambers in the comp have to be clean, but bullets passing through compensators deposit lead and copper on the walls and floor of the comp. Get the lead out. This hardened steel tool is designed to fit your hand for removing lead and copper deposits from compensators efficiently. Get one today and Get The Lead Out!


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  1. Arredondo Comp Cleaner

    Posted by Garry on Jun 11th 2018

    good product. Does what it is designed to do. Would recommend it.

  2. Just a scraper

    Posted by Stacy on Nov 14th 2016

    Honestly, I bought this because I needed to pad the order just a bit more. The handle is somewhere between hard rubber and straight hard plastic. It is 0.980" in diameter at it's largest point and 1.75" long. The working shaft is 3/16" in diameter made of some sort of carbon steel. 2 1/8" long from handle to tip. As for it being hardened steel. It's not that hard. A hand file cuts right into it. I've got harder screw driver bits in my toolbox. For the money, I'd prefer the handle to be larger. It will still come in handy when you just need that odd bit to hold a spring compressed or reach into an area and scrape some carbon or other crud out of a recess.