Basepad, for Staccato P/XC/XL 126mm or C2 120mm, with or w/o Dawson® Tactical Advantage Magwell, by Dawson Precision

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Staccato 2011
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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  • Fits STI/Staccato Full Size Grip Pistols with 126mm mags or Compact Grip Pistols with 120mmm mags.
  • Works with or without Dawson Precision® Tactical Advantage Magwell on STI Gen 1 or Staccato Gen 2 Grips only.
  • With the Staccato P gaining popularity in the Tactical World it needed a Hard Use Tactical Mag Base. 
  • Introducing the Tactical Advantage Basepad for the harsh LE and Military environments.
  • Proudly Made in TEXAS, USA! 
  • Designed to fit Staccato P/XC/XL w/126mm mag or Staccato C2 w/120mm mag on Gen 2 Grips.
  • Works with or without Dawson® Tactical Advantage Magwell
  • Dawson Precision® Tactical Advantage Magwell for Staccato Gen 2 Grips available here.
  • Also works with STI Gen 1 Grips, with or without Dawson® Gen 1 Tactical Advantage Magwell.
  • Dawson Precision® Gen 1 Tactical Advantage Magwell for STI Gen 1 Grips available here.