Compensator, for Staccato C2 w/ OEM Threaded Barrel, ICE®, by Dawson Precision® *Read Purchase Instructions*

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Staccato 2011
Staccato C2
CA; WA; California; Washington
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DAWSON PRECISION® ICE® COMPENSATOR (Pat. Pend.) Exclusively for Staccato 2011® C2 with an OEM threaded barrel. Only compensator endorsed and used by Staccato 2011®.

 After 34 years of designing compensators, Dave Dawson has brought his experience to optimize the Staccato 2011® P performance. 

  • We will install the DP ICE® compensator on your new Staccato 2011® C2 w/ threaded barrel at time of purchase. You can also send in your C2 threaded barrel top end for our DP Custom Fit Compensator service.
  • Why Custom Fit? Because most drop in comps have a wide gap that ruins the look of a great pistol. That is why we custom fit the ICE® Comp to your pistol. This provides a much better appearance.

Purchase Instructions:

  • You will pay the shipping of your Staccato C2 top end to us and we will pay insured shipping back to you; simple and fast.
  • Compensator is only available through this service. Compensators are NOT sold separately.
  • Must include copy of sales receipt when sending in top end, *please type in serial number on sales receipt.
  • When shipping your top end to us, please include the recoil system and thread protector along with the slide and barrel.
  • The ICE® Comp is not legal in California, we are unable to install on your top end if you live in California.


  • Innovative, patent pending design
  • Reduces recoil and muzzle rise considerably
  • Made of high strength aircraft aluminum
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Does not require Loctite® or set screw that can ruin threads
  • Includes calibrated compensator recoil spring
  • Remove and install wrench and hardware included