Glock 9mm 15Rd Dawson Competition Ready Magazine Kit

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Glock, Inc.
15 Rounds
Chicago, IL; Aurora, IL; Franklin, IL; Oak Park, IL; Riverdale, IL; CA; CT; MD; HI; Washington DC.; MA; NY; NJ; CO; Colorado; VT; California
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 Now you can buy a Glock magazine with the Dawson EZ-Off Baseplate included.
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Glock factory mags work great but let's face it, they all need Dawson EZ-Off Baseplates. We now offer Dawson Competition Ready Mag Kits for Glock 15 round 9mm magazines. Now you can buy Glock mags with Dawson EZ-Off Baseplate included. Dawson baseplates are designed with maximum length for positive seating in competition or tactical environments. The .200 extended fits IDPA, USPSA and IPSC boxes (you should always check your pistol in the appropriate box as guns vary dimensionally). The wide base assists in positive seating on reloads and rapid mag removal if needed. All Dawson Glock Competition Ready Mag Kits come with Dawson Black .200 Extended EZ-Off Baseplates. They are CNC machined from aircraft aluminum to Dawson Precision tolerances for a perfect fit and lasting durability. With the Glock's popularity, it made sense for Dave Dawson to design and manufacture baseplates
 for Glock factory magazines that improve reloads for Glock pistols with or without magwells.