Grip Bushings, for All 1911 Pistols, Hex Drive, Set of 4, Stainless, by Challis Grips

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1911/2011/Hi-Cap All Makes
1911 Single Stack
Grip Bushings/Screws
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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These bushings are easy to install and remove. Loctite is not necessary for installation if they are torqued to 18 in lbs for both steel and aluminum frames. Use 7/32" nut driver or socket.

These full size bushings will work with grips not less than 0.245" thick. Use our slim bushings for grips 0.185" to 0.245" thick. For still thinner grips use our extra slim bushings.

We strongly recommend using the the Challis bushing and grip screw O-rings because of the benefits they provide, such as preventing stripped threads, eliminating loose grip screws, scuffed frames and providing the most secure mounting available for the 1911. They may save your frame and you can feel the difference.