Leupold Delta Point Pro Mount for Glock Dovetails

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Perfect Impact Guarantee


Quick, simple, affordable. A Delta Point Pro on your Glock in minutes. 


This Mounting Plate allows the Delta Point Pro to easily mount to a Glock pistol. It comes with screws for mounting the plate to firearm and extra screws to mount Delta Point Pro to plate. Machined steel, Made in the USA.

  • Slides into your rear dovetail easily. 
  • Includes two screws with thread locker already applied. 
  • Affordable way to try out a Delta Point Pro without milling your slide.  

*Does not include pictured Delta Point Pro*

Once mounted, this part is not eligible for returns.

Dont Forget The Loctite

Loctite is not included so make sure to grab some Loctite 620 Threadlocker. Works on all dovetail front sights. Do not use on screw on front sights such as Glock, trust us.

If you need any guidance installing your sights, check out our full installation walkthrough videos.

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