Mag Length Gauge, for Firearms, Official USPSA, by EGW

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In USPSA competition, it is imperative that you know if your mags are legal length. With competitors trying to eek out every extra round possible in their magazines, sometimes component combinations will put your mags over the legal length. And at a major match is the LAST place you want to find out. You could be moved into Open division, or worse.

  • The official USPSA mag gauge is manufactured exclusively by EGW and is used at all major matches and tournaments.
  • CNC machined out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the gauge is then anodized black.
  • It measures both 140mm (141.25mm) and 170mm (171.25mm) length magazines.
  • The gauge fits all known combinations of magazines and basepads.


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  1. Mag Gauge

    Posted by Charles on Jun 19th 2017

    Handy object to have if you need to check your mags before a big match

  2. Works

    Posted by John on Mar 21st 2016

    Depressed that it tells me that I can't use the SNL base pads with my mag bodies.

    But it's great to know for sure.

  3. It's best to know

    Posted by Ernie E. on Mar 7th 2016

    Using SNL tool-less base pads ( Dawson ) being new to the game
    ( Sport ) I need every round I can get into a mag legally
    Cause I want to play fair and this is one of the tools to help
    give You peace of mind with no guessing