Magazine, for 1911 10mm Pistols, 10 Rds, Full Size, by Tripp Research, Inc.

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1911 All Makes
1911 Full Size
10 Rounds
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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The 10R-10mm-RG is an extended 10mm/.40 S&W magazine with stainless steel finish, hybrid follower, and removable basepad for east magazine disassembly.

1911 Magazine:

  • Caliber - 10mm / .40 S&W
  • Size - For use with Government — Commander — Full Size grip length pistols measuring 3 1/8" center to center on grip screws
  • Round Capacity - 10 Rounds
  • Basepad - (BP-P-1.086 / BP-A-1.086) Polymer or Alloy / Removable / 1.086" height
  • Follower - (FOL-HYB-10mm) "Corey" Hybrid follower with polymer base and inset metal cap for "metal on metal" slide lock
  • Spring - (MS-15C.042) 15 coils .042 diameter spring
  • Finish - Stainless Steel


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  1. 10mm 10rnd

    Posted by David on Jan 5th 2022

    Nice to have 10 rnds but wouldn't feed hollow points fmj no problem tho

  2. Tripp 10 round 9mm magazines

    Posted by Len L Nary on Nov 3rd 2021

    These are top notch! Finally found 10 round mags that work perfectly in my 9mm 1911! Excellent quality and reliability!

  3. 1911 10mm mag

    Posted by Santana on Dec 9th 2020

    Beautiful and great magazines for my 1911 10mm i finally found 10 round magz that look great and seem to be built to last and great fit.... I will be ordering more ASAP

  4. Best 1911 Magazine Period!

    Posted by deathbeforehonor on Jul 11th 2019

    The fit and finish on these things are top notch. I still went ahead and polished up the feed lips sharp edges to avoid cuts on hands and brass. They will actually hold 11 rounds and feed and function flawlessly as long as the 11th round is not seated all the way to the rear. Price wise they are well worth it, Dawson's Free shipping is Hard to beat. If you are planning on buying a lot at once (4 or more) Oakhills Guns can save you a few bucks. I highly recommend these mags, who wouldn't want 11 rounds over 8 with only 3/4" more than a standard mag with a rubber base?

  5. 1911 10mm 10 round magazine

    Posted by Bill on Dec 3rd 2018

    Great product. Feeds smooth. I decided to use a speed loader due to sharp edges can cut your thumb.

  6. great addition to setup

    Posted by Juan on Oct 30th 2018

    Great addition for my Delta Elite setup.
    Amazing quality of materials and manufacturing. As a previous comment, I tried on a brand new Delta Elite and had initially some failures to feed related to round nose-diving. The more I shoot and started to break down the piston, the smoother the action become and feeding issues were almost non-existent after the first 150 rounds.
    Will get 2 more of these soon...

  7. Flawless

    Posted by Carl on Jun 16th 2018

    Initially when I tried this magazine, it he gun jammed every round. I cleaned the gu, massaged the ramp ever so slightly and now they work flawlessly. The issue was not the magazine, but, was in fact the firearm itself. I will be purchasing a few more of these.

  8. Well made but 1911s are 1911s

    Posted by Joseph on Dec 27th 2017

    The craftsmanship of these magazines is superb. The followers are all metal, and angled to avoid the nose-dive. They seem to ride higher than stock mags, which has led to a few nose dive instances in my Colt Dela Elite. The 1911 is a fickle platform, requiring tinkering and fitting. The more I used these mags, the better they ran. My gun is also pretty much brand new, so as it settles in with these mags I'm confident things will smooth out.

    I would recommend these for competition, but until I can be sure they won't dive on an emergency reload, I can't say they are dependable enough for duty.

  9. Top Quailty Mag & Retailer

    Posted by Craig (CD) on Mar 14th 2017

    I bought this mag after first speaking with a gentleman (Virgil) at Tripp Reaearch. He was very patient and courteous with my questions and I felt this company to be a top notch manufacturer after speaking with them. I bought this mag from Dawson Precision initially due to their pricing on the product and shipping value. I spoke with a gentleman at Dawson (unfortunately, I have misplaced his name), who was also very courteous. He welcomed me to place an order with him over the phone, but suggested that I order through the website to receive the better deal on the shipping.: which I did. The order process was simple. The shipment was quick. The mag performed flawlessly in a Para USA LS Hunter 10mm (long slide 1911). The mag protrudes almost an inch below the bottom of the grip, which Tripp Research made sure I was aware of that characteristic. . Though it is rated for 10 rounds, mine easily accepted an 11th round after I noticed how easily the 10th round went in. I highly recommend this Tripp Research mag and dealing with Dawson Precision....a good pairing of quality product with a quality retailer.