Magazine, for 1911 .40 S&W/10mm Pistols, 10 Rds, Cobra, by Tripp Research, Inc.

10 Reviews
1911 All Makes
1911 Full Size
.40 SW
10 Rounds
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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General Features:

  • Fits IPSC®/IDPA Box
  • Flex Follower for maximum capacity available.
  • Basepad trimmed to fit IPSC®/IDPA Box for maximum capacity.

**The Dawson Precision® Tripp Research basepads DO NOT WORK with this magazine!


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  1. Doesn’t feed correctly

    Posted by Tavis on Jun 19th 2021

    This mag is barely usable in my firearm. It seems like good quality however using it pushed the bullet to the right and causes the slide to bind going into battery. I haven’t had any issues with my Wilson or Mecgar magazines. Not sure if it’s just my magazine or how it sits in my gun. Either way it is in no way reliable enough for me to justify using it anywhere other than the range and even there it is irritating.

  2. Follower comes out

    Posted by Kyle filler on Jul 27th 2019

    I got 2 of these one mag works okay the other the follower comes out the top jamming last round and they both occasionally nosedive rounds randomly

  3. Mag review

    Posted by Ruben on Dec 28th 2018

    It works great in my Sr 1911 10 mm

  4. The perfect 40 cal mag on the market

    Posted by Petethehack on Nov 29th 2018

    This is the only magazine you need for your 1911 40 cal. It works perfect for both 8 rounds in Single Stack major and 10 rounds for Single Stack minor. This magazine feeds flawlessly, ejects every time and fits into the USPSA box.

  5. Excellent mags

    Posted by Bryan on Nov 12th 2018

    If you're running a 40 cal 1911 these are the mags to get. Work well with both factory length and long loaded (as is often recommend for reliability). Mags work excellent, easy to seat with 8 rounds and reasonable to seat with 10.

    I've got 11 of these now and they all run great.

  6. Works 100% out of the box.

    Posted by Eric on Oct 16th 2018

    Hello, I bought 5 of these to try in my 1911 40 single stack I built to shoot 40 minor in USPSA. They work 100% and feed great with 10 rounds. They fit the box perfectly with no mods to the base pads. One thing I had to do was polish off the sharp corners at the rear of the magazines. They cut up my thumb when I was loading them. Other than that I would buy some more. Thanks

  7. The More the merrier

    Posted by Merritt on Nov 10th 2017

    Love the fact that my new SR 1911 has a 10 rd mag for the 10mm cartridge. They feed well and run great right of out the box!

  8. Great product!

    Posted by Jay on Nov 21st 2016

    Great product.
    Very high quality product.
    The description on the website says it all.
    I love this product.
    And Dawson precision shipped the product so fast and it's free!
    I highly recommend this product.

  9. Outstanding!

    Posted by Rich on Jul 27th 2016

    Outstanding quality!
    10+1 in 40 S&W & still fits in the box
    You may have to collapse the rear sight a bit, but it fits
    Great for SS minor USPSA!