Magazine, for 1911 .45 ACP Full Size Pistols, 8 Rds, Elite Tactical, by Wilson Combat®

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1911 All Makes
.45 ACP
8 Rounds
Perfect Impact Guarantee
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Searching for the most dependable magazine to accompany your Full Size 1911 .45 ACP handgun? Look no further than the 500 ETM. No matter what kind of usage or environment you're in, it won't let you down.

The Wilson Combat® Elite Tactical magazine started with a blank sheet of paper and 30+ years of 1911 and 1911 magazine experience. It has set a new standard in 1911 magazines while redefining state-of-the-art. We've blended the latest improvements in manufacturing and materials technology with our own real-world shooting experience to provide quality, quality, and more quality. From material selection to manufacturing process to final testing - this magazine is built like your life, and ours, depended on it, as someday it may. No compromises, just stone-cold reliability you can depend on. The ETM is primarily a combat magazine, but if you're a competition shooter, you just may gain that critical advantage that will move you past the competition. The real world for a combat pistol isn't always in a dry, protected environment. So we built the ETM to be impervious to the elements. Every component is manufactured from either a high-grade stainless steel or super tough nylon. We worried about grime and corrosion when we designed the ETM, so you will never have to.

General Features:

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds
  • 1911 Size: Full Size
  • INCREASED reliability in all 1911 pistols
  • Aircraft grade certified stainless steel tube RESISTS corrosion
  • STRONGEST tube developed PREVENTING cracked feed lips and tube spreading
  • THICKEST tube wall in the industry at .025"
  • REFINED RADIUS for each bend in the tube to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the STRNEGTH in stainless steel
  • Proprietary custom designed welding process
  • Multi-step tumbling and finishing process provides SMOOTH follower operation and insertion into the weapon
  • Observation slots moved to the rear of the tube exactly where they need to be to MAINTAIN the STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY required
  • Innovative follower design with extended skirt ensures STABILITY in operation and MINIMIZES creep from the tube when your magazine is empty
  • Fiber filled nylon follower
  • The ETM seats and locks in the weapon with the slide forward

Magazine Tube:

The ETM has the STRONGEST MAGAZINE TUBE yet developed, virtually ELIMINATING feed lip cracking, tube spread and cracking, and general fatigue - some of the most common manufacturing and/or age-related defects in other magazines. The engineers working on the ETM have a combined 110+ years of firearms experience - the ETM is a showcase of their knowledge. They refined the radius for each bend in the tube to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the STRENGTH in the stainless steel they selected - and then devised a manufacturing process to provide the tight tolerances required to make those exact radius bends. The observation slots, moved to the rear of the tube, are located exactly where they need to be to MAINTAIN the STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY of the tube for years and years of use. After extensive testing we selected a grade and thickness of stainless steel optimized to provide SUPERIOR STIFFNESS without brittlenessNo matter how many times you empty this magazine through your pistol, you can be assured the engineering expertise, design, material selection, manufacturing, and the quality control behind the ETM promises a lifetime of SMOOTH and RELIABLE OPERATION.

ETM tubes are manufactured with a proprietary, custom designed welding process followed by a proprietary multi-step tumbling and finishing process. The internal and external finish, critical to SMOOTH FOLLOWER OPERATION and INSERTION into the weapon, are the result of selecting the proper media and media-sequence in the tumbling and finishing process. We expended a lot of engineering time and expertise in developing the finishing process; when you get your hands on an ETM you'll be able to see and feel for yourself, we think you will agree it was time well spent. The improvements made to the ETM's follower and base pad have not previously been seen in a pistol magazine. This design combines advanced manufacturing technology with absolutely precise dimension control, assuring POSITIVE SLIDE-LOCK after the last round has been fired. The innovative follower design with its extended skirt ensures STABILITY in operation and MINIMIZES creep from the tube when the magazine is empty. Super tough nylon was selected as the optimum material for the new ETM follower due to its proven DURABILITY and SLICK SURFACE FINISH. This slick finish and the super smooth internal finish of the magazine tube result in the SMOOTHEST FOLLOWER OPERATION possible. Experienced shooters will notice this ultra-smooth performance when loading and firing.

Magazine Spring:

We've found a stainless steel spring wire that has INCREDIBLE SPRING LIFE. There's no need to worry about leaving your mags loaded for long periods of time with this spring and will always be ready for use no matter the scenario. Another factor in spring life is the DEGREE of COMPRESSION when the magazine is loaded. Our engineers designed the ETM's base pad to allow a longer tube. Although the ETM is not appreciably longer than a typical magazine, it has MORE SPACE for the spring to work without complete compression or excessive stress on the spring.

Base Pad:

The ETM's almost indestructible base pad provides a SURE GRIP when pulling a magazine from a pistol or a tight pouch especially in a combat or competitive situation when seconds count in reloading. If you have ever been in the rain, trying to get a traditional magazine from a wet, tight pouch, you'll really appreciate this feature and it might save your life.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some Kimber® 1911 handguns have barrel feed ramps that are left undressed at the factory and will interfere with the ramped front of this magazine. The barrel can be easily modified by a gunsmith to provide the proper clearance required.