Magazine, for CZ 75 B/85 B/SP-01/Shadow/Shadow 2 9mm Pistols, 19 Rds, Anti-Friction, by Mec-Gar®

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CZ 75 B
CZ 85 B
CZ SP-01
CZ Shadow
CZ Shadow 2
19 Rounds
CA; CO; CT; DC; DE; HI; IL; Deer Field; Oak Park; Homewood; Markham; Melrose; Highland; Orland; University; MA; MD; NJ; NY; RI; VT; WA
Perfect Impact Guarantee
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If you are looking for a magazine for your CZ 75 B, 85 B, SP-01, Shadow, Shadow 2 pistol, choose the magazine manufacturer that is the most trusted in the industry.

All Mec-Gar® magazines are made in Italy with the most sophisticated technologies and best materials.

Since 1965 Mec-Gar® has been a world leader in the production of magazines for the largest firearm manufacturers and militaries in the world.


  • COMPATIBLE FIREARMS: CZ 75 B, 85B, SP-01, Shadow, and Shadow 2
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 19 Rounds
  • Coating: Anti-Friction
  • Follower: High-Impact Polymer
  • Tube: Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Spring: High Tensile Music Wire
  • Floorplate: Drop protection system polymer floorplate

Additional Information:

  • Anti Friction coating allows for EASY loading, REDUCED malfunctions, and SUPERIOR anti-corrosion properties.
  • Internal components are interlinked.
  • The drop protection system will REDUCE the shock and failures of magazines when they are dropped on hard surfaces such as in self-defense or competition use. The design of the floorplate allows it to FIT BETTER into competition boxes than other expanded capacity floorplates.

**NOT for use in Bul Cherokee pistols!

These magazines are RESTRICTED in some states. Your order will be CANCELLED if you are in a high-capacity restricted state.