Magazine Kit, for Glock Pistols, 9mm 17 Rd, w/Glock OEM Mag and Dawson Precision® EZ-Off Baseplate

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Glock, Inc.
17 Rounds
IL; CA; CT; MD; VT; OR; Oregon; HI; Washington DC.; MA; NY; NJ; New York; CO; VT; California; Colorado
Perfect Impact Guarantee
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 Now you can buy a Glock OEM magazine with the Dawson® EZ-Off Baseplate included.
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Glock OEM mags work great but let's face it, they all need Dawson® EZ-Off Baseplates. We now offer Dawson Competition Ready Mag Kits for Glock 17 round 9mm magazines. Now you can buy Glock mags with Dawson® EZ-Off Baseplate included. Dawson baseplates are designed with maximum length for positive seating in competition or tactical environments. The .300 extended fits IDPA, USPSA and IPSC boxes (you should always check your pistol in the appropriate box as guns vary dimensionally). The wide base assists in positive seating on reloads and rapid mag removal if needed. All Dawson Competition Ready Mag Kits for for Glock pistols come with Dawson Black .300 Extended EZ-Off Baseplates. They are CNC machined from aircraft aluminum to Dawson Precision tolerances for a perfect fit and lasting durability. With the popularity of Glock pistols, it made sense for Dave Dawson to design and manufacture baseplates
 for Glock factory magazines that improve reloads for Glock pistols with or without magwells. 






Attention Oregon: Starting 12/01/2022 high-capacity magazines will no longer ship to your state.

DISCLAIMER: Except for Glock OEM Magazines, these products are not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK.


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  1. Great mags!!!

    Posted by Ben on Mar 11th 2017

    Dawson has a customer for life! I've had nothing but positive experiences with them. The quality of their products is great and their dedication to customer service is second to none!

  2. Great Price

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2016

    I love the DP base plates. I own ten and love them. When the mags in this kit are loaded, for some reason they are noisey (slight rattle). You can hear a bullet or two sliding front to back inside all four of my Glock 1587-01 mags with the DP baseplate that comes in this kit. You do not hear the bullets moving inside Gen 4 Glock Austria mags that come with the pistol at purchase with the DP baseplates attached. The Glock Austria mags with the DP baseplate seems to keep the bullets from sliding, where the 1587-01 allows them to slide. I tried 4 different brands of ammo and it did not stop the sliding on the same one or two bullets. Aside from the slight noise, you can not beat the price for a factory Glock mag and Dawson baseplate.

  3. Nice Pads!

    Posted by Mark on Apr 6th 2016

    Dawson comes through again!! I use this with a Dawson Ice magwell. The pad adds weight to help get the magazine clear, plus adds that length you want to seat the magazine. All with a new Glock magazine. Perfect!

  4. Its what you have come to expect from Dawson

    Posted by Barry Robinson on Feb 23rd 2016

    Everything is as advertised! I have several items from DP and as always they over delivered. I bought these to go with a CRP Glock (also from here) and they have performed flawless. Its a big help to have good equipment you can rely on! These guys deliver.