Recoil Master, for STI 1911 Pistols, Government, 5.0", by Staccato 2011®

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1911/2011/Hi-Cap All Makes
1911 Single Stack
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Product Details:

  • FITS STI 1911 and 1911 hi-cap pistols.
  • Designed for one purpose - to REDUCE FELT RECOIL.
  • It decelerates the slide before full stroke with a secondary spring. This allows a softer felt recoil helping you to shoot FASTER FOLLOW-UP SHOTS.
  • The Light System is designed for 9mm caliber and open pistols.
  • The Heavy System works well with .40 S&W and .45 ACP caliber pistols.
  • Must be able to remove the guide rod from the rear of the slide.
  • 5.0" Light, Bull

PLEASE NOTE: STI Recoil Masters can only be used in STI pistols!