Shell Sorter Set, for Sorting Brass, .40 S&W Caliber, by The Shell Sorter

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  • The Shell Sorter™ is a simple product designed to reduce the time spent sorting brass by caliber, allowing you to enjoy more time reloading and shooting. 
  • The Sorter simply sits on top of a common 5 gallon bucket, with a few shakes your brass is sorted by caliber. The Shell Sorter™ is comprised of three pans designed to sort several common calibers. 
  • The three main calibers that most reloaders sort are 45 ACP, 40 S&W, and 9mm. We have labeled the sorters according to those three main calibers. The sorters do sort many more calibers! The following chart shows some of those calibers and the sorter pan that they end up in. 

  • The fastest way to sort is to stack all three of the pans together with the yellow pan on top, and the black on the bottom, in that way all your brass is sorted at the same time. 
  • If you sort before tumbling as is recommended, most shells that are inside of each other will come apart with the shaking and are sorted correctly. However, if you tumble first, those are likely to jam together with small bits of media, and sometimes those require a pliers. 
  • The sorters can also take the place of your media sifter. Just tumble, pour your brass into the appropriate sorter(s), shake a bit, your media is in the bucket, and your brass is ready for the next step. 
  • You can use this on the range so that you only bring home brass in the calibers that you reload. 
  • We sell quite a few Shell Sorters to members of IDPA and USPSA. If you reload quite a bit like they do, you NEED a Shell Sorter™! 
  • The Shell Sorter™ is made of ABS, a very strong plastic which will give a lifetime of service. We placed a sorter underneath a car tire, and it didn't break or distort! In fact, it still worked! 
  • Always wear gloves and a dust mask when working with used brass because of the levels of lead dust present. 


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  1. Fast and simple

    Posted by Kevin Firmin on Dec 25th 2018

    These are great to quickly sort through range brass! Fast and very effective! I added the 380 plate and that is separating the 380s out of my 9mm now too!

  2. This really helps when picking up range brass

    Posted by ralph on May 8th 2018

    I recycle the range brass for reloading, instead of looking for caliber stamping on the case and waste time there I can now get much closer to only taking what I am using and not cleaning or sorting at home. It's not 100% fool proof but it helps a lot!.

  3. Excellent A+A+A+

    Posted by Greg on Feb 28th 2018

    Why did I wait so long on buying one?? All the hours of hand sorting brass I've wasted. I shoot weekly at a range and reload. Sometimes there are 4 of us and needles to say bass gets mixed. This with the 380 plate works flawlessly. Takes about 1/10 of the time sorting!

  4. great idea works great

    Posted by JERRY on Aug 21st 2017

    Saves so much time, easy to use, great product, should have bought it years ago

  5. Shell sorter

    Posted by Mark on Jul 31st 2017

    Saves a lot of time when sorting brass. Wear muffs, it's loud shaking the brass.

  6. TIME SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Tracy Hartless on Jun 12th 2017

    I have about 30-40lbs of brass that I have been working on for quite some time. This product is making short work of sorting it all. HUGE TIME SAVER!!!!!! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

  7. She'll sorter

    Posted by Ross on Jan 5th 2017

    Purchased one set with 380 plate, 380 plate was waste of money. This set was a Christmas gift for shooting friend, paying that much for plastic offended me but I like it and it's the only game available and it saves time. If they ask me to review the Trojan sti 1911 in 9 mm I am happy with it. Colt fan , have gold cups , regular 45 and a few worked over by name gunsmiths

  8. Purpose built results

    Posted by Evan on Nov 8th 2016

    After years of sorting by hand this sorter set was well worth the investment. Save yourselves the time and headaches of sorting. I put about 5lb of mixed brass in here and within 1 minute all of it was sorted. Only a few 9mm's were stuck in 40 cases but they are easy to spot with the tray.