Sights, for S&W M&P and M&P Core, Front Black, by Dawson Precision

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Smith Wesson
MP Core
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  1. Also fits Hudson H9

    Posted by Bruce on Jun 16th 2018

    Bought this for my Hudson H9 because I use a six o' clock hold and the factory sight was way to tall. It fit in easily and looks like it belongs. However, if you are going to do the same, I would recommend a shorter one than i bought. Mine is the .170 x .125. It shoots about 2 inches low at 25'.

  2. Sight review

    Posted by Phil on Jun 7th 2018

    I got this sight as a replacement sight for my Hudson H9. I know it was made for a S&W but it works great on a Hudson.

  3. Great sight picture

    Posted by Gary on Mar 20th 2018

    The .125 wide front with the .125 rear tightened the sight picture up closer to where it should have been from the start. When my department tested the M&P I told the S&W representative the sights had too much gap which allowed shots to wonder left and right when shooting rapid combat style. Of course his response was "our target shooters love them". Every gun I own that has a great sight picture for speed shooting has the front sight wider than the rear notch. I don't know what cause manufactures to move away from that. For shooting slow and taking the time to align up the sights the wide gap is fine.

    Great product that was easy to install.

  4. Best front sight for suppressor use

    Posted by Chris Kuna on Aug 2nd 2016

    This was installed as a compliment to the Dawson Precision rear suppressor height sight. Height was perfect and only a little tight. Once installed, it gave PERFECT RIGHT ON point of impact. I HIGHLY recommend these sights if running a can is your thing!!!