Tek-Lok™, for Belt Attachment, Hardware Included, Large, by Blade-Tech®

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The Blade-Tech® Tek-Lok™ belt attachment is the industry gold standard when it comes to belt mounting solutions. Innovative and versatile, the Tek-Lok™ can accommodate up to a 2.25” belt as well as a multitude of mounting positions with 9 mounting holes to accommodate a variety of sheaths, holsters, and whatever else you can think of. There’s a reason why our Tek-Lok™ has been one of the most widely used and imitated belt attachment accessories we make. It just works.


  • Versatile: With 9 mounting holes and a multitude of mounting positions, the Tek-Lok™ can be mounted on all sorts of stuff.
  • Quick Release TabsThe hinged two-piece Tek-Lok™ frame is LOCKED into place with two release tabs and UNLOCKED by pressing both release tabs toward each other.
  • SecureFeaturing an intuitive double locking system, the Tek-Lok™ will STAY on your belt even with extreme force applied to it.
  • Adjustable Shims/Belt SizingTwo belt shims keep the Tek-Lok™ IN PLACE on the belt. These interlocking bars can be set to match the belt width, leaving a channel of the correct size.
  • Precision Molded DesignMade in the USA with HIGH-STRENGTH, GLASS-FILLED nylon and contoured to fit the profile of the body better to ELIMINATE HOT SPOTS.

Included: (With Hardware)

  • Tek-Lok™ (1x)
  • 1/4" Truss Head Screw (3x)
  • 3/16" Posts (3x)
  • 0.125" Rubber Spacers (3X)

Why Tek-Lok™?

For years, the Tek-Lok™ has been the GOLD STANDARD of belt attachments because of its sheer SIMPLICITY and DURABILITY. Featuring 9 mounting holes, adjustable belt shims, and dual locks the Tek-Lok™ gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED in a belt attachment.

  • Dual LocksWith two locks, the Tek-Lok™ only comes off your belt when you want it to. The rotating secondary lock prevents the first lock from actuating unintentionally.
  • Belt SizeTek-Lok™ fits on a huge variety of belt sizes. From 1.5” every day carry belts to 2.25” duty belts the Tek-Lok™ can fit on them all.
  • Adjust for the Perfect FitTwo adjustable belt shims keep the Tek-Lok™ firmly locked onto duty belts or competition belts. Remove 1 shim or two to get the exact fit you want.


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  1. Tech lok hanger

    Posted by Josh on Aug 1st 2018

    Exactly what I was looking for. Girlfriend was using a boss hanger but it was leaving a bruise on her leg. Switched her over to this and it works great. No bruise and enough adjustment to get the holster in a comfortable spot on her belt.