Threadlocker, for Firearms, Loctite® 242/262 Adhesive, by Loctite®

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For Screw On Front Sight Installs

The Loctite® 242 Threadlocker
"Loctite® 242" is what we use on all screw-on front sights and set screws that need to be serviceable.

  • PREVENTS rusting of threads.
  • Can be removed with hand tools.
  • PREVENTS loosening of metal fasteners caused by vibrations.
  • PROTECTS threads.
  • Medium Strength
  • Locks Threads


For All Dovetail Front And Rear Sight Installs

Loctite® 262 Threadlocker 
"Loctite® 262" is what we use on all dovetail front and rear sight installs. — Use it on rear sight installs as it makes it possible tap rear sight for windage adjustment, and use very small amount on set screws so they can be loosened to adjust.

  • RESISTANT to vibration.
  • FLUORESCES to allow quality control and inspection.
  • Suitable for all metal fasteners.
  • Medium/High Strength - General Purpose
  • TOLERATES slight contaminations of industrial oils.
  • Thixotropic/Low Viscosity


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  1. A must for Glock front sights

    Posted by Ralph on May 8th 2018

    I had change my front sight and did not use loctite the first time. Sight loosened up and I almost lost it, I have since correct my error and not my sight is set solid with no worried of falling off!!!

  2. Must get!

    Posted by Mike Nguyen on Jun 6th 2017

    DO NOT forget Loctite 620 for your 1911 front dove tail sights. I made the mistake first time around and mine came loose. I had no luck finding Loctite 620 anywhere local!

    Loctite 262 for rear and lock screw.

    The small packs is plenty for a set of sights.

  3. Perfect size for the job.

    Posted by Ty on Jun 2nd 2017

    I purchased the 0.5mL Loctite 262 for use with my new competition sights and it was enough to use once, mess up, and do it over. Held up fine and I'm over 300 rounds in. Don't forget to add it when you order the sights!

  4. Loctite for a new sight

    Posted by Kyle Marsh on Feb 10th 2016

    This is the perfect size for a individual replacement.

  5. Its Locktite!

    Posted by Big Al Knine on Feb 4th 2016

    I used this Locktite 262 to install my screw-on front and Dovetail rear DawsonPrecision sights as recommended by Mr. Dawson himself. Worked great, will use from now on.