Action Enhancement Kit, for CZ Shadow 2 9mm Pistols, by Apex Tactical

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CZ Shadow 2
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Action Enhancement Kit for CZ Shadow 2 Pistols


The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the CZ Shadow 2 pistol is designed to reduce the large difference in trigger pull weight that exists between the double-action first shot and the subsequent single-action shots to approximately 2 pounds. The hammer and sear have matching Apex engineered single-action engagement surfaces which eliminates the need for any polishing or stoning.

  • Delivers a clean, consistent single-action style trigger break while providing a smooth stack-free double action
  • Approximately 6 lb. DA with 4 lb. SA using Carry Mainspring
  • Approximately 5 lb. DA with 3.5 SA using Competition Mainspring
  • Easy to install
  • Direct drop-in replacement, no fitting required

PLEASE NOTE: Apex Tactical does NOT recommend using an extended firing pin! ONLY use the factory firing pin!

For Use In These Guns:

  • For use in the CZ Shadow 2 pistol only (NO B series firing pin block). Will work in the Single Action (SA) versions of those guns with the manual thumb safety. Will work with CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target II.

What's Included:

  • Apex Performance Hammer (1x)
  • Apex Performance Matched Sear (for pre-B series) (1x)
  • Duty/Carry Mainspring (Purple) (1x)
  • Competition Mainspring (Silver) (1x)
  • Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring (1x)
  • Replacement Hammer Pins (2x)