Backpack, Carry It All (CIA), by Double-Alpha Academy

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The Double-Alpha CIA Backpack is the perfect all-day range backpack for the dedicated IPSC® shooter!

Decades of range experience went into the configuration and design of this backpack, which will meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding hard-core shooter.

Product Details:

High-end materials that combine to guarantee that your CIA Backpack gives you years of reliable service.

  • Durable D600 Cordura Material: Fabric that is TOUGH, LONG-LASTING, and WATER-REPELLENT
  • Hypalon (lined at the bottom of the bag): Material that is WATER-PROOF and TEAR-RESISTANT (Fun Fact: It's so tough, it is often used for building high-speed inflatable boats!)

Get an idea of the CIA Backpack Interior!

  • Velcro (fully lined): To utilize every inch, ATTACH ANY ACCESSORIES or ADD-ONS (Accessories such as: magazine storage solutions, compartment partitions, even internal lighting fixtures, etc. - These Products are NOT INCLUDED!)
  • Large Central Partition: To keep it all organized, SEPARATE the LOWER compartment from the UPPER compartment; can also be REMOVED or REINSTALLED in seconds!

Taking a look at those CIA Backpack Exterior features!

  • Upper Front Pocket: Although it doesn't appear to be deep, it has a FLEXIBLE BACK-PANEL which enables you to store a FULL-SIZE hearing protection headset (Perfect for quick access when arriving at a noisy shooting range!)
  • Large External Velcro Panel: For some personalization, ATTACH your FAVORITE PATCHES or NAME/CLUB TAGS.
  • Practical MOLLE™ Straps: Make it possible to ATTACH ADDITIONAL EXTERNAL ITEMS (Items such as: timer, glasses case, bottle holder etc.)
  • Sturdy Top Carry Handle, 4 EVA Panel Side Pockets, and Frontal Document Pocket: More features that add ADDITIONAL USABILITY and CONVENIENCE.
  • Back Panel and Shoulder Straps: Ensure this backpack is COMFORTABLE to carry, even when heavily loaded.
    • The wide and thickly padded shoulder straps can be detached at their lower end to slide into dedicated pockets, keeping them out of the way when attaching the bag to a Range Cart.
    • The shoulder straps and load-lifter webbings keep the backpack riding high on your back, for better weight distribution and to avoid interference with your shooting rig.