Basepad Insert, for Para®/STI Hi-Cap 9mm/.38 Super Magazines, Purple, by Arredondo Accessories

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STI/Staccato 2011
Para Hi-Cap
.38 Super
Perfect Impact Guarantee
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Magazine Insert

General Features:

  • These inserts space the magazine properly for 9mm and .38 Super calibers with extended base pads


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  1. Used on P18 mag very pleased

    Posted by Jay on Feb 21st 2018

    I use a R.I.A TAC ULTRA FS HC 9mm that uses Para P18 mags. I bought Dawson Precision mac extension (that they don't seem to sell anymore...why not?) Which are great quality BUT allowed the follower to roll to one side and get stuck rendering the mag useless. These inserts solved the issue and my once 17 round mags are now 20 rounders. Success!
    I should have known from the get that these were needed... Live and learn.

  2. About the only thing to prevent the "salt shaker".

    Posted by Jim on May 13th 2016

    If you have Para mags, you know that when you add an extension there is a gap between the grooved magazine and the base plate. This space that is created allows the rounds to get wedged sideways in the magazine and jammed. This little gadget fills in where the grooves stop and makes it reliable.

  3. Needed some work to fit

    Posted by Kyle on Mar 21st 2016

    I received these very soon after I ordered them. Great shipping times.. that being said I found the to not go well in the Dawson basepads . Once inserted into the basepad the spring guide Arms tilted inward causing a binding when the spring is compressed. I had to physically bend them outward a bit and then slide the mag and spring into position. . Then they worked great.