Berry's Bullet Puller

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Think of a kinetic bullet puller as the handloader's eraser. Sometimes, when you're reloading, you make a mistake. Maybe it's a missed powder charge, maybe it's a crushed primer, maybe it's something else. No one's perfect and that's why the bullet puller was invented. With this handy tool you can, in just a couple taps, you can remove the bullet from the case without damage to either. Just choose the right size collet (there are four included), put the cartridge extractor groove in the collet and screw it into the bullet puller. A couple taps on a wood block and the bullet drops free inside the tool along with the powder. Unscrew the collet retainer and pour out the bullet and powder (or lack thereof). This is also the tool you've seen countless times at the Chronograph Stage at practical shooting competitions which allows the staff to get a bullet from your ammo to weigh on the scale.  This Hammer-style, "Ultimate" Bullet Puller removes bullets quickly without damage to the bullet or case. It pays for itself by saving your components. The rubberized grip is easy on your hands and the rubber insert in the hammer tip is easy on your bullets. This hammer set comes with 4 collets: Universal, .22 center fire thru .45 caliber, (except .25 ACP). Easy to see when bullet has been extracted. Easy and convenient to use whether checking an occasional reload or pulling hundreds of bullets.