Book, Perfect Practice, 50+ Practice Drills, by Saul Kirsch

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Perfect Practice: A Guide to Quality IPSC Training, is Saul Kirsch’s first book and the ideal guide to quality IPSC training. A top international Champion for years, Saul provides the reader with insight into how each of us can improve our performance levels. Created from Saul’s own personal practice regime, with over 50 carefully crafted practice drills that ensure you acquire all the knowledge, tips and skills necessary to excel.

Topics include:
• Accuracy and recoil control
• Calling your shots
• Improving your draw
• Reloads
• Shooting position transitions
• Barricades
• Shooting on the move
• Swingers, and more.

Each topic contains detailed insights into the attitudes and techniques critical to success. Each drill is explained in depth - hot to shoot, what you learn and how to keep track of your progress and learning curve. A GREAT VALUE! GREAT LEARNING TOOL! A GREAT GIFT! Order yours now and get the edge you need to succeed!

Must reading for anyone who takes training seriously! A great gift for the "hard to please" loved one! Ideal for the person who has everything!