Bushing Extractor, for 1911 Pistols, Full Size, by Challis Grips

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Bushing Extractors
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Challis Grips Full Size Bushing Extractor!

The Challis Bushing Extractor is placed over the bushing and rotated until it engages the slot. It is then firmly secured to the bushing using a standard grip screw. This keeps the tool in constant axial contact and alignment with the bushing, something that is very difficult to achieve when using a screwdriver, even one made for the purpose.

When the force required to turn the bushing with a screwdriver exceeds the strength of the bushing's narrow rim, the rim will begin to shear off. If there is not something to prevent this, the rim will easily peel away because the driving forces are progressively acting on a smaller cross-sectional area. The Challis Bushing Extractor supports the very top of the bushing by clamping it tightly against the tool. It also closely fits the shape of the bushing at the rim's circumference, and the grip screw prevents material from peeling inward. Because of this, the rim has nowhere to go and the driving forces act on the entire cross-section of the rim. Simply put, the Challis Bushing Extractors will easily remove bushings that can't be removed with a screwdriver.

Product Details:

  • The best bushing removal tool available.
  • For use with standard size slotted bushings. For removing slim bushings, use the Challis Slim Bushing Extractor.
  • This tool is NOT COMPATIBLE with VZ universal bushings.