Cleaner, for Firearms, Extreme Duty Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner, 4 oz., by Lucas Oil

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Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas Extreme Duty Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is a premium blend of cleaning solvents and corrosion inhibitors. It easily removes carbon and powder residue from actions as well as copper and lead fouling from cylinders and barrels. The solvent based formula cleans deep to remove old oils and grease and provides a micro thin layer of rust and corrosion inhibitor on metal surfaces and bores. It is safe on polymers and factory applied firearm finishes.

Lucas Extreme Duty Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner was also designed to thoroughly and efficiently clean firearms using an ultrasonic cleaner and its high flash point makes it ideal for heated tank units. The special formulation is designed to be used straight from the bottle in ultrasonic cleaners without any messy mixing and without having to use a rinsing agent or lubrication dip, saving you time and money.

After ultrasonic cleaning, simply remove your firearm, allow it to drip dry or used compressed air, lubricate per manufacturer’s instructions and reassemble. Your firearm is clean, protected from corrosion inside and out, lubricated and ready for storage, carry or use.

Key Benefits:

  • CLEANS and PROTECTS your firearms, provides EXCELLENT rust protection.
  • Low odor, pleasant GRAPE SCENT, contains NO AMMONIA, KEROSENE, or water.
  • GREAT for use in ultrasonic cleaners, solvent based formula requires NO MIXING, RINSING or OIL DIP after ultrasonic use, saving time and money.
  • IDEAL in heated units, flash point of 210° F is much safer than other products.