Cleaning Tool, Bore-Sticks™, for .357/.38cal/9mm, 4 Pack, by Swab-its®

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Swab-its® Bore-Sticks™ is the newest more effective way to clean your handgun. The .357/.38/9mm Bore-sticks™ offers the best of Swab-its® Bore-tips® in a convenient 8.5" handle. 

Brand New Bore-Sticks™ by Swab-its® - 3 in 1 Cleaning Tool! Replaces the rod, jag and patch! WASHABLE and REUSABLE!

Bore-Sticks™ is the perfect balance of SIMPLICITY and FUNCTIONALITY.

Patented designs REPLACE THE NEED for rods, jags, patches, and mops with an engineered DURABLE handle and a LINT-FREE foam tip. This incredible multi-tool compresses in the bore, aggressively penetrating the deepest rifling. As a multi-tool, Bore-sticks are critical to MAINTAINING vital parts of your firearm such as magazines, wells, and chambers. With a quick rinse, this sturdy tool is ready for use again with your favorite solvent and lubricant. Engineered with durable material Bore-Sticks LAST ALMOST FOREVER!

  • Bag Includes: 4 Bore-Sticks™
  • 3 in 1 Multi-Tool
  • 8.5" in Length
  • Each tip should substantially OUTLAST a similarly priced bag of patches and cotton swabs.