Sight Set, for New Dovetail Kahr® CW/CM Pistols, Fixed Carry Fiber Optic Rear and Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

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Kahr CW
Kahr CM
Carry Fixed Set
Fiber Optic
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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  • New Style Dovetail has a Dimple on the Back of the Slide. 
  • Dawson Carry Fiber Optic Fixed Rear .190 Tall x .125 Notch Width
  • Dawson Fiber Optic Stake On Front Sight .180 Tall x .125 Wide
  • Easy to Install - Sight Punches, Allen Wrench and Instructions Included!
  • Perfect Impact Policy Applies *See Details*
  • CNC Machined From Bar Stock To Exacting Specifications


Don't Forget The Loctite


Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee



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  1. Great fit

    Posted by Rick on Mar 25th 2018

    For my old eyes the front sight is easy to acquire! Love it.

  2. CW9 set does not fit CT380

    Posted by Danny on Dec 26th 2016

    Although tight, the rear sight for the Kahr CW9 does fit the dovetail for the CT380. Its height appears to be the same as the factory installed CT380 rear sight. But the fiber optics are way too small and pick up little light. The front is much brighter as the fiber optic is a greater diameter. However, the front sight posts are 1/32" too narrow between them.

    Kahr put out bad info the Dawson Precision about the sights being the same as the CW9. I was involved in that. That is NOT the first time I've gotten bad info from Kahr. However, the CT380 actually has the front sight posts holes 1/32" wider apart than the CW9 and most of the rest of the Kahr CW line.

    Regardless of the far too tiny fiber optics, because the rear sight is so well made and has a snag free profile, I'm leaving the rear sight on my CT380, But I am still looking for a better and brighter front site.

    These are great little guns! They are very accurate and pleasant to shoot even with some of the hottest defense .380 ammo. Though not official, there are a lot of .380 +P loads out there and this little gun eats them up while staying a soft shooter.

    I like these little Kahr CT380s so much I bought my wife and each of my two kids one as my kids will turn 21 here soon and will get their CCW. I just wish both Kahr and the after market business would come up with a BETTER SIGHT for them.