Extractor, for 1911 Pistols (Choose Model), by Aftec

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1911/2011/Hi-Cap All Makes
1911 Single Stack
Caspian Hi-Cap
Perfect Impact Guarantee


General Features:

  • Aftec extractors help END extractor malfunctions.
  • EXTRACTOR TENSION is achieved by two springs that push on side of extractor. (Regular Extractors - Bent to achieve tension; they straighten out over time and cause malfunctions.)
  • NO slide modifications are necessary.
  • Extra Springs and Instructions Included
  • Used by World Champ, Todd Jarrett.
  • Fits 1911, Springfield Armory®, STI, SV, and all Kimber® models without external extractors.

**Will NOT work in Series 80 Colt® models or Para Ordnance® models!


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  1. works good

    Posted by thomas on Sep 13th 2022

    did not come with intructions

  2. Works

    Posted by kelly on Jul 23rd 2018

    Put one of these on my sti. 38 super and it has never worked so well. This thing is flawless!

  3. Aftec isn't Easy, but it is Worth it

    Posted by Burton on Jul 9th 2018

    The Aftec extractor isn't trivial to install, but it is worth it. I own a few of them. Whenever an extractor in a 1911 goes south the Aftec is the only replacement.

  4. Works great

    Posted by Ron on Jun 5th 2018

    Failures to eject on Kimber stainless target 1911 on every mag. Installed this extractor and ran 125 new and reloaded rounds with 0 failures.

  5. flawless

    Posted by kelly on Apr 9th 2018

    This is the best product I have bought in the last 10 years. I have not had one failure to eject since I installed this part.

  6. Aftec Extractor = 0% FTE

    Posted by CW on Mar 15th 2018

    The Aftec extractor is a GREAT product. Excellent design, quality and most importantly, flawless function. Completely eliminated extraction problems on my 9mm 1911 that no amount of tuning on the original extractor could do. Included instructions were easy to follow. *Note, in my 1911 installing with both springs resulted in far too much tension. Read online that other folks noted same and installed with only the rear spring, so I did same and the gun now runs without the slightest hiccup.

  7. Easy Install, Works Reliably

    Posted by Jerry on Oct 23rd 2017

    Comes with detailed instructions. Very easy to install. Has been reliable so far. Only had to do a little filing on the the firing pin plate for a good fit - as per the instructions. One warning - take care keeping track of the little springs.

  8. Aftec

    Posted by Robert on Aug 29th 2017

    Excellent product messed with other extractors with little or no success this slipped in and works fine great product.

  9. Basically drop in

    Posted by William Hughes on Jun 20th 2017

    All I did was follow the directions and no more
    Stove piping. Awesome product...