Flex Follower, for 1911 9mm Magazines, by Tripp Research, Inc.

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1911 All Makes
1911 Full Size
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Stainless Steel Flex Follower used in 9R-9mm-RO, 10R-9mm-RG, 10R-9mm-RO.


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  1. Dawson Precision Extra Power Magazine Spring for DP & Metalform 1911 9mm Magazines

    Posted by Steven Kendell on Jan 2nd 2019

    Another quality product from Dawson Precision. It works great.


    Posted by Steven Kendell on Jan 2nd 2019

    Good quality construction, however, this follower (with the factory spring) turned my Metalform 10 round mag into a hybrid 9 round mag. I could load the tenth round, but couldn't seat the mag in the pistol when the slide was in battery.

  3. Best magazine fix.

    Posted by Timothy Yorgan on Jan 25th 2018

    1911 builders like to put together the 1911 platform at low cost...I do anyway. A lot of followers out there, even on some expensive mags...don't feed well or keep the slide back on last round. These "Tripp" followers with 6.560.907 patent number stamped on them solve the latter. You must have two things...a 9mm slide stop pin, yes, the geometry is different for 9mm and you must have a follower that doesn't have side play at the top, or the lip on the follower will slip right past the hold back lobe on the stop pin. When it arrived and I saw that patent number on the "Tripp" follower, I was excited about the find. You can take the cheapest 9mm magazine on the planet and turn it into a flawless operator, by slipping one of these in. Even welded bottoms...just push the old follower way down, put an Allen wrench thru a low witness hole to hold the spring / dump the old one out and shove the new one in and pull the wrench out. I found magazines with these followers on another brand and company by accident....go to Dawson to fix junk 9mm mags.