Glue, for Grip Tape, 1 oz., by Bob Smith Industries™

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IC-2000™ Rubber-Toughened CA

We've found that pistol grips, which are texturized beyond the factory pattern, have a greatly reduced surface area for grip tape to adhere to. They require a little help to achieve perfect adhesion, and that help can be found in the awesome BSI™ IC-2000™ instant adhesive.

Product Details:

  • USE WITH Dawson Precision® Precision-Fit Grip Tape
  • IC-2000™ is a black, rubberized instant adhesive that bonds the Dawson Precision® Precision-Fit Grip Tape panels to your pistol's texturized grip to form a super-durable, unitized bond.
  • IC-2000™ is a rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate that forms superior shock resistant bonds on non-porous surfaces.
  • This black colored adhesive has added flexibility for the bonding of metals, fiberglass, rubber, carbon-fiber and other advanced materials.
  • Setup time is 20-40 seconds, which can be accelerated with INSTA-SET™.