Holster Block Insert, for STI Race Master Holsters, Polymer Grips Only, Black, by Double-Alpha Academy

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Alpha-X / Race Master Insert Block: STI / DVC 2011 / Staccato


This system incorporates a pair of powerful magnets, which are positioned to reject each other – creating what feels like a spring-loaded system – and two very distinct positions for the slide lock – all the way down – and ALL the way up. Now, as the gun is released on the draw – the magnets continue to push the slide lock upwards – higher than the gun itself pulled it – thereby ensuring that when you come to re-holster, there is no chance of catching that upper tooth as you holster. An additional benefit of this magnetic system is a distinctive “click” which is heard as you holster. Something that is common with other holsters, and requested by some for the Race Master as well.


Product Details:


  • FITS STI Race Master Holster
  • Use with Polymer Grips ONLY!