Magazine Kit, for Tripp Cobra 1911, 9mm 10Rd Competition Ready, by Dawson Precision

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 Now you can buy the 1911 magazine you prefer with the Dawson 1911 CTR Basepad included.
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Every shooter has their 1911 mag preference but lets face it, they all need Dawson 1911 CTR (Competition Tactical Ready) Basepads. We now offer Dawson Competition Ready Mag Kits for most popular 1911 magazines. Now you can buy your favorite 1911 mag with the Dawson 1911 CTR Basepad included. Dawson 1911 CTR Basepads are designed with maximum length for positive seating in competition or tactical environments. The unique wedge shape fits IDPA, USPSA and IPSC boxes (you should always check your pistol in the appropriate box as guns vary dimensionally). The wide base assists in positive seating on reloads and rapid mag removal if needed. All Dawson 1911 Competition Ready Mag Kits come with Dawson Black Standard Magwell 1911 CTR Basepads. They are CNC machined from aircraft aluminum to Dawson Precision tolerances for a perfect fit and lasting durability. With the 1911 single stack making a strong comeback, it made sense for Dave Dawson to design and manufacture basepads for popular 1911 magazines that improve reloads for all 1911 pistols with or without magwells.



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  1. Tripp Cobra 1911 / 9mm Dawson Competition Ready

    Posted by Mike Mioduszewski on Jan 11th 2019

    My GO TO mags for single stack. never a problem

  2. High quality

    Posted by Jeff Jones on Dec 3rd 2018

    From reading, apparently different guns prefer different mags, but so far I haven't found anything that works better than these for my guns. I have found some others that I had issue with, particularly in 9mm.

  3. Only 10 round that really works

    Posted by Rick on Sep 17th 2018

    The tripp mags are the only ones that work and drop free,

  4. Tripp mags

    Posted by mike on Jul 11th 2018

    I was having problems with my name brand mags, bought these
    to try as a replacement for IDPA matches. the mags are great, work very well right out of the box, have already ordered more.
    I would definitely recommend them.

  5. Great TRIPP

    Posted by Tom on Jun 25th 2018

    I've had a number of Tripp mags from 9mm to 45ACP and have never been disappointed. Adding the Dawson CNC mag bases really works great. Positive dropout and all within legal limits. Never a malfunction. Thanks for a great product.

  6. The absolute best 9mm 1911 magazines

    Posted by Jon on May 14th 2018

    These excellent magazines, coupled with the fantastic Dawson base pads make the absolute best 9mm 1911 magazines available. I have been using them in USPSA Single Stack Division for over a year without a single malfunction!

  7. Great product with one flaw

    Posted by Ken on May 8th 2018

    I shoot a Springfield 1911 Range Officer. This magazine would not feed into the gun properly. From the factory the sidewalls of the mag is completely streight.. So I put a small bend at the top of the mag where it starts contact with the release finger inside the grip and now it goes in smooth as butter. Other than that I really like this magazine.

  8. tripp mags

    Posted by Mike on Mar 29th 2018

    Only rated 4 stars because I haven't used them in competition yet. They definitely work well made and function flawlessly during practice shooting. Also appear to be better made than some others I have, which have split down the seam in back side if magazine. I will be buying more in near future.

  9. Excellent magazine!

    Posted by Paul on Jan 6th 2018

    I ordered and received my Tripp Cobra 9mm magazine with the Dawson Comp Ready Magazine kit. Dawson kept me updated on shipping and arrived 3 days later. The magazine combo works fantastic and the quality of the combo is top notch. I will be ordering four more once I get the green light from my wife.