Magazine Spring, for 1911 Magazines (Choose Coil Count), by Tripp Research, Inc.

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Magazine Springs
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Replacement Magazine Spring!

Made from Chrome Silicon material with our custom deign for INCREASED LIFESPAN over traditional magazine springs.

Specifications: (616-014)

  • Spring - 12 Coils
  • Wire Diameter - .042
  • Used in 7R-45-WO, 9R-38s-RO, 9R-9mm-RO, and 10R-9MM-RO (Tripp Research, Inc. Magazines)

Specifications: (616-015)

  • Spring - 13 Coils
  • Wire Diameter - .042
  • Used in 7R-45-RO, 9R-10mm-RG, 9R-10MM-RO, 9R-40SW-RG, 9R-40SW-RO, 10R-38S-RG, and 10R-38S-RO (Tripp Research, Inc.)

Specifications: (616-018)

  • Spring - 14 Coils
  • Wire Diameter - .042
  • Used in 7R-45-WG, 8R-45-RG, and 8R-45-RO (Tripp Research, Inc. Magazines)

Specifications: (616-020)

  • Spring - 17 Coils
  • Wire Diameter - .042
  • Used in 10R-45-RG (Tripp Research, Inc. Magazine)


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  1. Outstanding springs

    Posted by Dennis on May 30th 2018

    I have six Brownells 10 round 9mm magazines for my Ruger SR1911. The original springs and followers were simply not getting the job done. I decided to take a chance on these springs along with the TR followers. Man, I'm glad I did! I am very pleased with the results and 14 bucks a mag beats shelling out $30 a pop or more for new mags. The springs are a bit tight for the last couple of rounds, but I think they will loosen up with some range time.

  2. Great Spring

    Posted by Ed on Mar 12th 2018

    Very well made. You will definitely see and feel the difference from OEM springs. A must get

  3. Recommended

    Posted by Uriel on Mar 9th 2018

    I was having feeding problems with my New Remington r1 1911. I did some research online and found that it could be bad magazines. I replaced the factory spring with Tripp Research Springs and it is the best investment I made for my handgun. It's also cheaper than buying aftermarket mags. Definitely, recommend!

  4. Quality

    Posted by becker on May 8th 2017

    I purchased some 10rd 9mm magazines ( aftermarket) that would not bring my 1911 to slide lock with there followers. I switched to these springs to go with Tripp followers as the spring alone wouldn't work with the springs I had. So far so good flawless feed and solid slide lock.