Dawson Precision S&W M&P Core Fixed Carry Black Rear Sights

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Smith Wesson
MP Core
Carry Fixed Rear
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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Don't Forget The Loctite



Dont Forget The Loctite

Loctite is not included so make sure to grab some Loctite 262 Threadlocker. Works on front and rear Glock sights.

If you need any guidance installing your sights, check out our full installation walkthrough videos.

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  1. Great Sights, Great Customer Service

    Posted by Jim on Nov 7th 2017

    I ordered sights for a regular M&P 9, didn't know the CORE was different (Duh!). Customer Service went above and beyond (see my other review). I'm setting up M&P Pro 9 up for competition, and don't need co-witness. I installed this with a 1.0 Fiber Optic front sight and couldn't be happier. The wide 1.45 notch gives a great sight picture... Blackout rear and Fiber Optic front is the hot setup for competition.

  2. Very easy to install

    Posted by Alec U on Nov 23rd 2015

    I didn't use the aluminum punch supplied after seeing that the sights are carbon steel. I used my 1" Delrin punch, went on pretty easily and could have filed it to make it easier.

    Looks great and works well with the tritium front.