Screen Protectors, for CED7000 Timers, Set of 2 w/ Cleaning Cloth, by Competitive Edge Dynamics

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CED7000 Screen Protectors

Protect your valuable CED7000 Timer display with a Premium-quality UV resistant, anti-reflective, anti-dirt and 99% transparent film.

Product Details:

  • Protection for a lifetime from scratches, sun damage, dirt, fingerprints, and the daily wear and tear of usage.
  • A super-thin film, made in Japan, and used for many expensive touch-screen devices, the CED7000 Screen Protector is the answer to extending the life of your timer for years and years of use.
  • The non-adhesive self-adhering surface is a snap to install or remove.
  • Includes: 2 pieces of screen protector film and a cleaning cloth to aid in wiping fingerprints, and dirt.