Sight, for Springfield Armory® XD®/XD-M®/XD-S® Pistols, Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

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Springfield Armory
Springfield XD
Springfield XD-M
Springfield XD-S
Fiber Optic
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Is there really a difference with Dawson Precision® sights? You bet there is!

While other sights give off a hazy glow making it difficult to focus, Dawson Precision® sights offer you the sharpest picture. We counterbore the blade so the optic is recessed. This subtle difference focuses the light in the sight making it not only brighter, but clearer. A fully cradled optic provides a longer optic lifespan.

Sight Details:

  • FITS Springfield Armory® XD®, XD-M®, XD-S®, and Bersa® BP Series pistols.
  • Counter Bored Optic: Keeps sight picture CLEAR and BRIGHT.
  • Dark Shadow Serrations: BLACKOUT blade and ENHANCE optic.
  • Extra Optic Included - Both Red and Green
  • Easy to Install - Tools, Hardware, and Instructions Included

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  1. High quality.

    Posted by Mac on Sep 29th 2018

    It is a very well made, hight quality sight. I have had no problem with fitting it to my XDS. After shooting 100 rounds with it I have not observed anything I should be concerned with. Definitely recommended.

  2. Excellent as Usual

    Posted by Scott on Aug 13th 2018

    I purchased the front sight only to go with the factory rear on my XD Mod 2 Service Model. The factory FO is much to large in my opinion. The .170 tall front from Dawson is the same height as the factory front and it worked perfectly. This is a great option if you want a narrower front sight but want to leave the rear stock. Highly recommend

  3. Catches eye

    Posted by STEVEN on Jul 25th 2018

    I bought this sight for the main reason of having something that would catch my eye more quickly to focus on that front sight. This does the trick over the stock sight. Be careful with size as there are many height sizes where the largest width is not as wide as the stock. I bought the widest sight and it was a tenth or two skinnier than the stock sight.

  4. Perfect match with my DeltaPoint Pro!

    Posted by Ken on Jul 3rd 2018

    I had the slide for my XD45 Tactical milled and mounted a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red dot sight on it. I had been looking for a tall front sight ever since that would co-witness with the rear iron sight that mounts on the DeltaPoint Pro. This .510" Tall x .100" Partidge Serrated sight works perfectly on my pistol for this! I love it!

  5. 10 and counting

    Posted by Craig on May 3rd 2018

    As with the other 9 I have bought. These sights are the BEST ever!!! Easy to install,use, and super easy to replace!! Unless you change,you will always be my go to guys for sights!!!!

  6. Works fine,

    Posted by Dan on Mar 2nd 2018

    Lasts a long time. Quick to ship. Quality product. Happy, happy, happy.

  7. Great sight for XDM

    Posted by Richard on Feb 20th 2018

    Arrived quickly and couldn't be happier. This front site is a couple thou narrower and taller than the stock site on my 4.5 XDM, this made it easier for site acquisition and targeting and dropped my point of impact about 1.5 inches at 25-30 ft which is exactly what I was looking for. The smaller fiberoptic dot (than stock) also did not obscure the top of the front site as could happen in bright sunlight with the factory site. The install tool provided was fine for the install portion of the job, I still needed a steel push/drift to remove the very stubborn stock site (man was that factory site a bugger to remove).

  8. Great sight

    Posted by David on Feb 19th 2018

    This sight went on my optics ready xdm. It fit is nicer than the factory sight. Dawson makes good stuff!

  9. Great sight

    Posted by David on Feb 19th 2018

    This sight went on my optics ready xdm. It fit is nicer than the factory sight. Dawson makes good stuff!