Sight Set, for Smith & Wesson® M&P® C.O.R.E. Pistols, Fixed Non Co-Witness Black Rear and Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

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Smith Wesson
Smith Wesson MP CORE
Non Co-Witness Fixed Set
Fiber Optic
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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  • Dawson Carry Black Fixed Rear Sight .245 Tall x .125 Notch Width
  • Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight .180 Tall x .100 Wide
  • Easy to Install - Sight Punches, Allen Wrench and Instructions Included!
  • Perfect Impact Policy Applies *See Details*
  • CNC Machined From Bar Stock To Exact Specifications

Don't Forget The Loctite

Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee




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  1. Great sights for a hard to find gun

    Posted by Mario Venditti on Sep 11th 2018

    As anyone who has an mp c.o.r.e. knows, the rear sights are different. Finding a non co-witness sight set was tough enough as is, and to make it more difficult my stock sights were hitting about a inch high at 10 yards. I called Dawson and they recommended trying thier "stock" sights first, and wouldn't you know that they hit dead center. So basically Dawson's sights were better for the mp9 p.c. core than the Smith and wesson stock sights.

  2. High Quality Effective Sight

    Posted by Michael on Jul 9th 2018

    It was what I expected from a DP sight, high quality and a great shooter. The sights are made to fit the largest tolerance your firearm may have, so both the front and rear sight needed some light filing for the ideal fit. DP included both a front and rear aluminum punch with my sight set.

  3. Almost perfect

    Posted by Kyle on Jan 11th 2018

    I bought two sets of these on a random shopping spree the other day. Shipping was incredible and was even more surprised when I opened the box. I love them. Seriously one of the best sights I have ever used and trust me when I say I have put a very large amount of different brands ontop of my guns. Dawson from now on. Though I thought I ordered the ones with fiber optics in the rear as Well and recieved the blaxk rear. Besides that. Incredible company.

  4. Sight Perfection

    Posted by Allen on Jan 8th 2018

    I made a mistake and purchased a M&P Core Pro Series 5". The mistake was thinking that the pistol was the best of both worlds specific to optics and sights. I did not like the co-witness tall sights.

    I also did not think that I would like the Dawson Sights - that was a mistake as well. These Dawson Sights are by far the best sights that I have ever used. The fiber optic is bright and the point of impact is perfect. I also recommend the black rear as it makes the front easy to find. They shoot exactly where you aim.

    I am now a Dawson Precision customer for life.

  5. Great Product

    Posted by Robert on Nov 24th 2017

    As usual, great sights.

  6. Improves the M&P CORE

    Posted by ChuckCVG on Jul 4th 2017

    These sights are a vast improvement over the rather ugly, extra tall 3 dot iron sights that are delivered on the M&P CORE.

    Now my M&P CORE goes from USPSA Production Division to Carry Optics Divistion back to Production Division. The sights stay out of teh way and are well below the reflex optic.

    Co-witness sights with a reflex type optic are completely the wrong way to go in USPSA or Steel Challenge.

    Make your M&P CORE more versitile. These sights are the way to go!

  7. Perfect!!

    Posted by Kenneth Mulligan on Jun 20th 2017

    I thought that with the special core rear sight I'd be handy capped in comparison to the normal rear sight. Nope! It works just fine. Easy install thanks to the included install tools. Put them in with micrometer to center them and they were point of impact point of aim first try. Thanks Dawson!

  8. smith and wesson dose not offer this

    Posted by jessie on Feb 13th 2017

    I have a PERFORMANCE CENTER® PORTED M&P®9 and smith dose not make low sights for it I called and emailed um they could not help. I ran on to this web page. e mailed and they told me they would fit and they did. I'm so happy that they do. I have not shot it yet. but I'm pleased so far so on that note idpa hear I come to play.

  9. Great website, support & product

    Posted by Chris M on Nov 22nd 2016

    Ordered these to replace my stock, white 3 dot sights on an M&P CORE 5". Wanted a bright fiber, black contrast in the back, and a little more light on each side of the front post. Removal of the original sights went pretty well. I presoaked both with Remoil - whether that made much difference I don't know, but a few sharp smacks with a hammer and brass punch and out they came. Install went great. Followed the Dawson videos. Triangle file, patience, and calipers...and on the eventually went. Had a quick trip to the range to check today. The front sight was as bright as I hoped, and the rounds landed where they pointed. I did use a little Loctite 620 on the front, and some Loctite blue on the screw holding the back sight down. Thanks Dawson.