Sight Set, for Walther® PPQ M2 Pistols, Fixed Charger Black Rear and Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

13 Reviews
Walther PPQ M2
Charger Fixed Set
Fiber Optic
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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  • Dawson Charger Black Fixed Rear .210 Tall x .125 Notch Width
  • Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight .195 Tall x .100 Wide
  • Easy to Install - Sight Punches, Allen Wrench and Instructions Included!
  • CNC Machined From Bar Stock to Exacting Specifications
  • Don't Forget The Loctite
  • Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee



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  1. Great Quality - Highly Recommend

    Posted by MG on Jan 25th 2019

    After researching sights for my Walther PPQ (I was considering Dawson Precision, 10-8, Trijicon HD, and XS) I decided to get this set from Dawson. I am very glad I did. The fit and quality is great. They even include an aluminum punch for tapping the rear sight in and the properly sized hex driver for the front sight. Shipping was fast, USPS Priority. Plenty of instructions too. Overall a really high quality sight set. I have yet to shoot with them - but looking forward to it. And, take a look at Dawson's customer oriented business practices (no extra charge for shipping and offer of a replacement front sight if point of impact needs adjusting). I highly recommend.

  2. Huge improvement over factory

    Posted by Neil on Sep 17th 2018

    Probably the best fixed sight for the PPQ M2. It works for both shooting quickly and also when you want to make those distance hits. Pretty simple to install as well.

  3. Good in almost all lighting

    Posted by Jim on Aug 30th 2018

    The red fiber optic in the front sight shows up very well in lower-light situations ... not total darkness (obviously), but just less light around.

    Also, when taking aim, there appears to be less of a gap between the front sight and the sides of the notch on the rear sight, unlike the too-wide notch on the factory rear sight.

    Installation was easy... you might need to do just a wee bit of dressing/smoothing on the rear sight with a file (I'd try a flat metal fingernail file, in the absence of anything else.) Remember the Gunsmith's First Rule: File on the cheapest part, i.e., the rear sight, and not the pistol's frame.

    Just go slowly and check fit frequently. VERY LITTLE metal needs to be removed anyway.

  4. Great but...

    Posted by Brendan on Apr 20th 2018

    As far as the actual sights and sight picture they are excellent. They make it really easy to focus on the front sight. My only complaint is that it would have been nice if they were cut to take advantage of Walther's unique and awesome plunger system. The system allows for easy windage adjustment and install of sights with a screwdriver. However these sights are just a regular press fit, with the added difficulty of having the plunger in the way.

  5. Hard to beat for the price

    Posted by Ben on Apr 18th 2018

    It was either these or the trijicon HDs. This was for a uspsa production gun for me so there wasn't much use for a tritium sight. Very easy to install yourself as long as you follow the instructions as well.

    I should note that I did need to use file on the "dove tail" a bit, which is mentioned in the instructions. Just be sure to put a bit of masking tape over the sight when you tap it in.

  6. Great sight

    Posted by michael on Apr 6th 2018

    I have two sets of these now. Only gave it 4 stars since I really have not tried anything else. Not disappointed at all.

  7. Great Product

    Posted by Lee Speakman on Feb 14th 2018

    Installed these sights on my PPQ M2 and it was extremely easy to do. These are a great improvement over the plastic OEM sights.

  8. Walther PPQ M2 fixed charger sight set

    Posted by Doug on Sep 26th 2017

    I installed this sight set on a Walther PPQ M2 9mm 4 inch. The front sight installed easily with a large flat head screw and Dawson provides a tool with the sight set. The rear sight took about 15 minutes of careful filing of the base and checking fit before I tapped it in place with the provided aluminum punch. The rear sight has an allen screw to lock it in place. At 50 feet with a point of aim my groups were 1 -1/2 inches high. I'm well satisfied.

  9. Awesome

    Posted by Jarvis Totherow on Aug 22nd 2017

    Awesome, as usual.