Sights, for CZ SP-01, Front Black, by Dawson Precision

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75 SP-01
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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At Dawson Precision we know the many factors involved in perfect bullet impact, that's why we make so many different heights and widths sights for your pistol. It's a big undertaking to manufacture and stock so many different front sights but the owner of Dawson Precision is a shooter and believes a pistol that is not zeroed properly is useless. You spend a lot of money on your shooting gear and ammo to improve your shooting skills, so it makes sense to have your sights set to impact perfectly.

  • No Glare Serrated Front of Sight
  • Tools and Instructions Included
  • Many Heights to Zero Your SP-01 Perfectly
  • Many Widths to Tune Your Sight Picture to Your Eyesight

Don't Forget The Loctite

Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee



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  1. Cz front sight is wonderful

    Posted by Jim on Jun 13th 2017

    Front sight is great, Dawson employees were very helpful as was their front sight height calculator. Employee expressed concern as too my first choice of sight height and requested I try the calculator.
    I used the calculator and for 8 inches high at 60 ft. In short everything has worked well, fit well and I like the set screw.

  2. Perfect fit

    Posted by JCB on Dec 8th 2016

    Perfect fit. No filing to do. Pressed right in good and tight. Nice!