Sights, for S&W M&P, Rear Fixed Competition Black, by Dawson Precision

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For years Bo-Mar rear sights set the standard of which all other rear sights were judged, so why not make a fixed rear that uses that knowledge. Dave Dawson set out to improve on that and make the best fixed rear sight on the planet for competition and target shooting. The blade is back angled 3 degrees to reduce glare. The notch is the deepest available, providing more visual reference for faster precise windage alignment. This also gives the shooter the advantage of tracking the front sight better during recoil and placement on target, for those tight hardcover shots. The serrations on the black sights are designed to draw your eyes to the HiDef sight notch, providing a clear, crisp sight picture, yet snag free on outer profile. Chamfered to break all sharp edges and not rub you the wrong way. 

  • HiDef Sight Notch in Many Widths to Tune Sight Picture to Your Eyes
  • Back Angled Blade To Reduce Glare
  • Deepest Notch Available
  • New EZ Fit Dove Tail With Install Tools Included
  • All Corners are Chamfered for Comfort

Don't Forget The Loctite

Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee



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  1. Great sight picture

    Posted by Gary on Mar 20th 2018

    The .125 wide front with the .125 rear tightened the sight picture up closer to where it should have been from the start. When my department tested the M&P I told the S&W representative the sights had too much gap which allowed shots to wonder left and right when shooting rapid combat style. Of course his response was "our target shooters love them". Every gun I own that has a great sight picture for speed shooting has the front sight wider than the rear notch. I don't know what cause manufactures to move away from that. For shooting slow and taking the time to align up the sights the wide gap is fine.

    Great product that was easy to install.

  2. Best upgrade for the m&p 40 2.0 I've done to date.

    Posted by Chad on Apr 10th 2017

    Was having problem with my m&p 40 2.0 shooting 6.5 inches low at 20 yards, after working with the sight calculator and talking to Dawsons customer service, i got a new competition rear sight .065 taller.
    Minor fitting was required but the pistol is on point at 20 yards now and shooting better then ever. Wish i would got got a slightly bigger notch but other then that great great product.

  3. Perfect match for the Dawson fiber opic front sight

    Posted by William on Feb 24th 2017

    I installed this rear sight on my full size M&P 45 on which I had already install the fiber optic front sight. I got the .265 competition sight to adjust for my hand loaded 185 gr rounds. It put the pistol dead on target. Love it.

  4. Crystal vision

    Posted by Joseph on Jan 9th 2017

    This competition rear from Dawson perfectly defiines there fiberoptic fronts for super quick target acquisition.